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Creative Balloon Decorations in Toronto for Weddings, Universities, & More

Balloonagram offers ready-to-enjoy balloon centrepieces with professionally arranged and hand-delivered balloon decorations in Toronto and the GTA. We have been catering to corporate events, private parties, weddings, and universities for over 40 years and counting. 

Both trees and centrepieces are ideal choices for tables or floor-based arrangements, whereas for large spaces with high ceilings, we recommend going with balloon trees. For smaller rooms with low ceilings, our balloon centrepieces will do the best job! Our balloons come in various colours.

Whether You are Planning an Event Indoor or Outdoor, You Can Choose From the Following Balloon Choices:


Pyramid-round table display
Pyramid-round-twisty table display
Pyramid-star-twisty table display
Balloon decoration
Spiderman balloon decoration


Single formation
Pyramid star
Cascading formation
Balloon trees
Ceiling balloons
Columns – aerial
Columns – ground


Spiral arch – medium or large
Pearl arch – medium or large
Bubble lines
Curly poles
Pom-pom topiaries
Theme – graduation
Theme – baby shower
Theme – casino
Balloon kites
Balloon umbrellas

Call us and share specifics about your event, so we can help you make your corporate or university celebrations a success! Let us help you transform any room into a festive environment with our classic balloon centrepieces.


Get a Personalized Balloonagram!

Whatever the occasion, event or time, send your loved ones personalized balloons and watch them smile.

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